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Ravioli Maker RavioliRavioli is one of the world’s favourite types of pasta, and it’s not hard to see why. Soft, plump parcels of fresh pasta encapsulating a delicious filling are a joy to eat and great fun to make.

Homemade ravioli have a more delicate texture than store bought varieties and they allow you to personalise your fillings with endless possible variations. You can fill ravioli with just about anything, meaning that it’s possible to experiment with ingredients to create a meal that is perfectly matched to your tastes.

So why buy a Ravioli Maker?

Ravioli from a 2.5 inch ravioli moldMaking ravioli by hand can be difficult to perfect and very time consuming, especially when making large batches. Italian cooks have known this for years, which is why over the years a variety of simple tools have been invented to make the process faster and easier.

Whether you prefer to use a ravioli mold, ravioli rolling pin or a pasta machine attachment, ravioli making tools are inexpensive, hard wearing, easy to use and they allow anyone to make delicious ravioli at home with confidence with the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself.

There are three popular types of ravioli maker commonly available today and they each have their own benefits.

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