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For a great all-round ravioli maker it’s hard to beat a ravioli mold. A ravioli mold (sometimes also called a ravioli mould or ravioli press) is a great way to make plump ravioli with minimal mess and fuss, and is probably the easiest type of ravioli maker to master.

The indentations on a ravioli mold allow more filling to be packed into each ravioli compared to making them by hand on a flat surface and a ravioli mold produces ravioli of a uniform size meaning they will all cook at the same speed.

Types of Ravioli Mold

Whilst ravioli rolling pins and ravioli attachments generally come in a standard size, Ravioli molds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from molds that make small 1 inch ravioli which are perfect for soups, to those that make ravioli up to 3 inches across. You can also buy ravioli molds in fun shapes such as stars or fish, which are a great hit with children.

How to use a Ravioli Mold

To use a ravioli mold you simply lay a sheet of fresh pasta over the mold, gently poke the pasta into the indentations, and fill the indentations with your favourite filling (you can do this with a piping bag, teaspoon or just use your fingers).

Next you lightly moisten the pasta along the ridges of the mold and cover the filled mold with another sheet of pasta before rolling with a rolling pin to crimp and seal the ravioli. The excess pasta can then be pulled away from the edges and the sheet of ravioli tipped onto your counter. The individual ravioli can then be gently separated.How to use a Ravioli Mold

What to look for in Ravioli Mold

When buying a ravioli mold, look for one that creates your preferred size and shape of ravioli. A mold that creates a 1.5 inch to 2 inch square ravioli is a good starting point as this is a great ‘mouthful’ size ravioli with an supposedly optimal pasta-to-filling ratio. Ravioli molds are generally made out of either plastic or metal and many are dishwasher friendly.
If you are looking for a ravioli maker that is easy to use and which will quickly create professional-looking ravioli, then a ravioli mold is a purchase worth making.

Recommended Ravioli Molds

Norpro Ravioli Maker and PressNorpro Ravioli Maker and Press

  • The best selling Ravioli Mold on Amazon.com
  • Makes 12 x 1-1/2 inch ravioli at once
  • No pasta roller required; make pasta dough with your own rolling pin

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Large Ravioli Mold Makes 2.5 Ravioli - Made in USALarge 2.5″ Ravioli Mold

  • Makes 10 LARGE square ravioli 2.5″ sq.
  • 2 molds included for easy forming
  • Made from pure cast aluminum

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Imperia Ravioli Maker - FishImperia Fish-shaped Ravioli Mold

  • Makes 14 fish-shaped ravioli
  • Pressed aluminum mounted on an enamelled steel base with rubber feet for a sure grip
  • Made in Italy
  • Kids love the fun shapes!



Ravioli Maker 24 At a Time - Made in ItalyRavioli Maker 24 x 1.25″

  • Makes 24 square ravioli 1.25″ in size
  • Comes with rolling pin, instructions and recipes

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Tips for Ravioli Mold Success:

  • Make sure you fill your ravioli all the way up to the ‘level’ of the ravioli mold, but no further. Too little filling and your ravioli will become waterlogged when cooking, too much and you run the risk of bursting the ravioli when sealing them with your rolling pin. Overfilled ravioli can also rupture when cooking.
  • A key to ensuring that your ravioli does not rupture when cooking is to ensure there is a good seal between the layers of pasta. You can either moisten the edges of your ravioli with a pastry brush or your fingers, however another good option is to use a spray bottle of water to lightly spray the bottom sheet of pasta before covering with the top sheet.
  • To ensure that your ravioli will easily separate from your ravioli mold, first dust the bottom sheet of pasta with flour before placing it on the mold.
  • A good way to stop your ravioli from sticking once removed from your ravioli mold is to place them on a floured towel.
  • To fill your ravioli, use a piping bag for smooth fillings or use a micro sized cookie scoop for coarser fillings.
  • Keep in mind that whilst jumbo sized ravioli (larger than 2.5 inches) look great, when cooking them you run the risk of your pasta becoming overcooked by the time the filling is hot.
  • Ravioli can be either cooked immediately or you can freeze them for later use. To freeze ravioli, place them on a lightly floured tray and place in the freezer, ensuring the individual ravioli aren’t touching. Once frozen, you can store them in zip lock bags or containers.
  • Variety is the spice of life! Why not use your ravioli mold to make batches of ravioli with a variety of fillings. You could even use a different shaped ravioli mold for each filling.

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